ORSIS Crew Resource Management Services to its principals are anchored on an array of services that may be agreed with each principal upon discussion of services according to its principal's standard to be provided.





  1. Recruitment, selection and deployment of accepted crew, and maintaining

      systematic crew's joining and re-joining schedule

  2. Documentation processing Crew pre-employment medical examination

  3. Travel coordination including applicable visa application

  4. Training and career development coordination

  5. In-house briefing to departing crew prior joining their respective vessel


  7. Monitoring crew's efficiency and effective performance during employment

  6. Allotment Handling



Filipino seafarers have always kept the tradition of being reputed as competent and hardworking crewmen.


From the deck officers and ratings to engine officers and ratings as well as cadets. All have pride to always gain a reputation as "FRIENDLY" seafarers.


Among the ship owners that ORSIS to service, they comment - "Filipino crewmen do their efficiency and maintain international safety standards."




All Filipino Seafarers have Proper Marine Transportation and Marine Engineering education from accredited Philippine Maritime Schools. All are holders of diplomas. Has Completed compulsory work apprenticeship onboard ship after graduation. Proficient in speaking and writing the English language.

Compulsory attendance of maritime activity training to meet the international standard of safety and competence in compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO)and the Maritime Training Council(MTC) requirements from accredited Maritime Training Schools, and specialized training on principal?s Ship Management System(SMS) and vessel's standards. All crewmen are holders of Standard Training Certificate of Watchkeeping (STCW), Global Maritime Distress System(GMDSS), International Maritime Satellite (INMARSAT), International Ship Management(ISM), and Certificate of Competency(COC) certifications.

Thorough commitment to acknowledge the values of integrity and discipline among their superiors and peers. Good work efficiency, and they are medically well-fit, well-experienced, and reliable to assume a defined position onboard ship. ORSIS requires deck and engine crew to take all courses in updated International Maritime Organization(IMO) regulations.





To: Shipowners, Ship Managers/Operators

Due to the monthly salary scale offer by Ship owners worldwide is at variance lately the prevailing monthly salary scale is, in order to hire good, reliable, and well-experienced Filipino Crew (officers and ratings), unavailable.

We, due to the foregoing reason, request ship owners, ship managers/operators to advise their monthly salary scale to be offered to our qualified applicants.