• Documentation
  • Monthly Charges

Documentation Available Upon Request


Documentation Expenses per crew hired
(to be paid once)
US $ Dollars
Physical Examination/Aids & Drug & Alcohol Test
$ 30.00
POEA Engagement Fee
$ 10.00
Seaman's Welfare Fund (as required by OWWA*)
$ 30.00
Notarization Expenses
$ 5.00
Miscellaneous Expenses
$ 10.00
$ 85.00


Note: Visa Fees, Depending on the destination, will also be applied to the cost.Airline Ticket - It is usually Philippine Transportation Agencies.



Monthly Charges / Contributions / Charges


Monthly Charges / Contributions / Charges
US $ Dollars
Agency Fee per Crew hired
$ 25.00
Employee's Philhealth & Social Security Contribution applies to each crew (as required by Philippine Government to local employees and to all overseas filipino workers (OFW).
$ 22.00
$ 47.00


Note: Communication Expenses, at Cost. All above (A and B) shall be payable for as
long as the crew is employed including subsequent extension of his contract.

Remittance should be made every 25th of each month together with the monthly allotment (eightly percent (80%) of the basic salary) as required by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).


Remittance should be arranged by telegraphic transfer via bank to bank.