Our mission is to draw our total commitment and to be supportive of our principals shipping business operations, and to ensure that all recruited Filipino crew are capable and dependable to assume the defined position on board vessel for the safe and productive operations of our principal's vessel.


Our aim is to cater ship owners/principals and crew create their own crew portfolio, helping the serving officers and ratings who desire to have a professional growth provided that they prove to have the right attitude and mind set to grow and to have a term employment relationship with our principals through re-employment and promotion.




Our vision is to achieve certain degree of excellence in the field of Manning Industry and to maintain a solid reputation as a dependable and reliable Manning Agency in the market place.




Our goals are to achieve our vision as a reliable Manning Agency and the same time maintain certain degree of excellence and quality service to our clients and in the marketplace.




Orsis has ORSIS gained ISO 9002 certification in 1994 from ISOQAR, a prestigious certifying body of United Kingdom and this was replaced by an ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certificate in July 13, 1998.


All aspects of our seafarer recruitment and supply operations are covered by our Quality Management System. We endeavour to maintain a quality service to our principals and efficient caring service to our crew.


Quality Management is our way of life at ORSIS. Our Staff are trained, regularly briefed and updated in all aspects of quality management, the company reviews the effectivity of the system twice a year and internal audits are carried out at regular intervals to identify areas where our system can be improved. Work experiences and audit findings are ploughed right back into our Quality Management System in order to constantly improved our service to our clients, we believe in "working smarter" thus we incourage all staff to learn from their experiences and report areas where improvements can be made.


Our internal audits are carried out by trained and certificated auditors by our certifying body, ISOQAR. Our commitment to quality is evident to both client and seafarers that we have an organised, systematic way of doing business and records of all activities.